Uniz 2


Uniz 2

Optimized Digital Workflow

Fulfill Your Dental Needs

  • Large build platform 8.9″
  • High speed 200mm/hr
  • High precision 50 microns

$3,500.00 Excluding Tax

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The Yankee Tech Digital technicians made the transition seamless. It is important to know that they are there when you need them. Support answers the phones and returns emails within minutes. We are very pleased we chose to work with Yankee Tech Digital.
Timothy Kosinski



  • 6 core CPU with 4GB RAM
  • 8.9 4K UHD LCD
  • Dedicated light array
  • Intelligent Heat Management System
  • Up to 10 liter tank duration



Accuracy, predictability, economy, and ease of use make the UNIZ Slash 2 Desktop 3D Printer ideal for a variety of in-office dental applications. Equipped with the latest features, improvements and accessories , the SLASH 2 delivers a 3D printing experience that is faster, more precise, and more reliable than any other device of its class.



  • XY Resolution 50 mcrons
  • Layer Thickness: 10-300 mcrons
  • Build Volume 192x120x200mm
  • Technololgy

Accessories Included